Flight upgrade

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A caucasian passanger boarded a plane and discovered that he was assigned a seat next to a black in the economy class cabin.

He was totally mad about it and immediately asked for the flight attendant.

He made a big scene about the the seat arrangement and screamed in the cabin, attracting attention from the surrounding passengers.

"How can you give me such treatment? Don't you know that you shouldn't do this?!!

There is no way that I would sit beside a black guy.

I insist that you reallocate the seats".

The flight attendant remained very polite and was diplomatic in handling the situation, she told the caucasian passenger that she will speak with the leading stewardness and return soon.

A few minutes later, the flight attendant returned with a smile.

Very apologeticly, she told the caucasion passenger, "Sir, we are truly sorry for this arrangement, this kind of situation really should not have had happened.

I assure you that this is very rare and we will rectify this for you immediately.

The ecomony class cabin is full so will have to do an upgrade in this case".

Then she turned to the black passenger and said to him, "Sir, we would upgrade you to First class. Would you please follow me?"

The cabin was immediately filled with applause and cheering from the rest of the passengers.

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